Bykski B-PMS5-X Pump with 250 Reservoir
  • Bykski B-PMS5-X Pump with 250 Reservoir

Bykski B-PMS5-X Pump with 250 Reservoir

型番: PUM256


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BykskiのLaing D5互換ポンプにBitspowerのBitspower D5 MOD TOP (White "S" Model)とDual / Single D5 Top Upgrade Kit 250 (White POM Version)を組み合わせたリザーバーポンプになります。

ケーブルにはホワイトスリーブ加工をしてあります、PWMタイプで電源コネクターは4P Morex、PWM信号はファン用の4Pコネクターです。

Made in China

The Bykski D5 Liquid Cooling 12V Pump Motor is a high reliability, high pressure industrial pump, featuring PWM speed control. Like most other D5 pumps this reliability is afforded by the same unique design as the original pump, which contains only one moving part: the magnetically driven spherical impeller spins on a single ceramic bearing, thus extending the life of this pump beyond existing standards.
Bykski D5液体冷却12Vポンプモーターは、PWM速度制御を備えた高信頼性、高圧の工業用ポンプです。 他のほとんどのD5ポンプと同様に、この信頼性は、1つの可動部のみを含む元のポンプと同じユニークな設計により提供されます。単一のセラミックベアリング上で磁気駆動の球形インペラが回転するため、このポンプの寿命は既存の基準を超えます。

The pumps data and speed control is done using the PWM 4-pin connector. By connecting this the pump speed can be controlled via the computers similar to a CPU fan speed. This also allows the safety feature of auto shut down based on RPM feedback if available in your BIOS.
ポンプのデータと速度の制御は、PWM 4ピンコネクタを使用して行われます。 これを接続することにより、CPUファン速度と同様に、コンピューターを介してポンプ速度を制御できます。 これにより、BIOSで利用可能な場合、RPMフィードバックに基づいた自動シャットダウンの安全機能も使用できます。

Superior 12 Volts DC convenience: plugs into the computer power supply
The high pressure capability of the D5 is particularly well adapted to high-flow systems
No maintenance when used with de-mineralized water, and anti-fungal additives

Power:12V / TDP18W
Power Connector:4-Pin Molex
Speed Control/Data:4-Pin PWM
Working Temp:45C at 4000RPM
Max RPM:4800
Maximum head:12.4 ft (3.8 m)
Maximum discharge:~ 290.5 GPH (1100 LPH)
Performance will vary based on housing used

Loop:Aluminum or Non-Aluminum

Use of caustic and/or abrasive coolant will void your warranty (see warranty section) and may cause your pump to fail.

This pump comes stock WITHOUT any housing allowing you to integrate any of your favorite pump tops and pump accessories. Due to this the pump cannot be used as a standalone unit.

Do not run the pump dry. The D5 and DDC range of pumps are designed as self lubricating. This means the fluid that the pump is designed to push/create flow is also used to lubricate the internal pump parts. This design means you shouldn’t run the pumps without fluid for any reason. Running these pumps without fluid creates internal friction between the ceramic bearing and bearing housing and that heat can crack or melt the bearing housing very quickly. It is very easy to see if your pump was “run dry” or without fluid.

1.Visual scratches along inside of housing. This is created when the bearing housing is melted and impeller spins off center.

2.Bearing housing has stress cracks or is melted. This is from heat which is created when pump is run dry.

3.Impeller sits too low in housing. This is usually a sign that number 2 has occurred and the ceramic bearing is falling through the normal housing location.

Running D5 pumps dry (without fluid) immediately voids the warranty. Replacements will not be given under these conditions. Images below show an undamaged impeller with no deformations.

Bykski is not responsible for any hardware damage. Use at your own risk.